How to support marginalized authors

  1. Buy their books.

  2. Recommend your favorites to friends, family, and fans.

  3. If a marginalized author has influenced you, list them in your book in the acknowledgments. Or on your author website.

  4. Recognize negative and positive attitudes towards fiction with marginalized characters. There is not one single African American or Ability or Jewish experience. There are multitudes. And many identities overlap.

  5. Be inclusive and open at events and conventions.

  6. Hire a sensitivity reader.

Using the book-lists

If your protagonist was a gardener, wouldn’t you try to learn everything you can about gardening?

That’s a simple analogy. Maybe too simple. But the point is clear - research is key to writing honest, strong characters. This is especially true if you are writing marginalized characters.

These book-lists are designed to help you research. And to find authors you may love.

Writing an African-American character? Or a Chinese-American? Read from the authors of our Diaspora section. This section lists authors that navigate two or more worlds. These are the minority writers from Anglo-Christian, white countries like the US, Australia and the UK.

Are you writing a story that takes place abroad? Or with first-generation immigrants? Support both the author and the translator by reading some international fiction.

LGBTQ/Ability/Religious Minorities can be found in both the diaspora and international sections in order to call attention to the differences in experiences based on cultural geography.

Do you need some background material? What was dynastic China like? Are there any books that describe the US prison system in terms of race and gender? Then you’ll want to check out our nonfiction section.

If you would like to be included on one of these lists, please send me your Name, preferred list/identity and your author website.