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An interview with poet and YA author Sahira Javaid

An Interview with Sahira Javaid

I had the pleasure to read an early draft of Sahira Javiad's manuscript, Crowning Soul, and quickly went on to check out her collection of poetry, Crack of Dawn. Sahira has a strong and optimistic voice in her work, which offers a fresh perspective to the more gritty epic fantasies that attempt to emulate Game of Thrones.

But how do you craft your unique voice? Sahira graciously agreed to answer a few questions about her experiences in writing, publishing, and her biggest influences. Read on to learn more about this emerging writer.

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An interview with romantic fantasy author Ekaterine Xia

An Interview with Ekaterine Xia

Ekaterine Xia's Phoenix Chosen is K-drama Faith meets fluffy romance. Book one in the Heirs of Huaxia series, it's my favorite book, but it's not her only masterpiece.

For over a decade, traditional publishers have claimed that self-published works lack editing. Style. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Xia's work.

Xia's work is original, and meticulously edited. I know, because we talk on Twitter. Hint: We're friends and writer buddies.

Her romance novels are the first ones I've enjoyed since...well..middle school. Seriously. And I've tried.

That's why I'm psyched to kick off 2019 with a fun and insightful interview with the author you should be reading.

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An interview with mystery author and therapist C.N. Nash.

An Interview with C.N. Nash and Mirroring Effect

June was a fantastic month, in part because I was able to meet talented authors like C.N. Nash at the first Southern Literary Arts Festival in Memphis. She is not only an amazing author, but also a licensed therapist. Her first novel, Mirroring Effect, while written about a young teenager's grief at her sister's suicide, is largely informed by the author's experience in the mental health field. Her work inside and outside the office is crucial, given the many misconceptions about mental health.

Nash suberbly handles the severe and nauanced emotions that come with the territory of a story abour grief. Both Desi and Demi's stories are realisitic and relatable. Furthermore, the introduction and explanation of the grieving process is extremely useful to dispel misinformation about the recovery process as well.

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An interview with mystery and fantasy author Ausma Zehanat Khan.

An Interview with Ausma Zehanat Khan and A Dangerous Crossing

I meditated for a week after reading A Dangerous Crossing by Ausma Zehanat Khan. Reading about an on-going crisis differs from inspecting the aftermath, as was the case with the previous novels centering on the Bosnian War and Genocide. A Dangerous Crossing leaves you saddled with a sense of contemplation and of urgency. Yet, somehow, you are not hopeless...

I am very grateful to Ausma for giving this interview, and I cannot speak highly enough for her work. If you have not picked up her work yet, now is the time to do so. If you aren't convinced, keep reading.

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Library: Diverse books and rejection

Leonard Chang’s Rejection: What Publishing Gets Wrong About Diversity

“You’re not Greek,” my husband laughs and takes a sip of Red Bull. I know he’s teasing, but it’s true. Three generations in, my Greek genes are all but obliterated. spanakopita and baklava were holiday treats. What I grew up calling Yiayia’s spaghetti is really just depression spaghetti. As far as speaking the language — I can count the amount of words I know on two hands. It’s hardly what you’d imagine after seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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